Farmer’s Market FAQ’s

Is the Green Dragon open every Friday? What about holidays?

Yes! Unless Christmas falls on a Friday, the Green Dragon is open normal hours every Friday, year round. This includes Good Friday and Black Friday.

Is the Green Dragon open any other days of the week?

No. The Green Dragon is open only on Friday.

Do you have special parking for RV’s/Motorhomes?

Yes! We permit RV’s to be parked on a grassy area at the rear of the market from Thursday at Noon until Saturday at Noon. Currently, there is no charge for this parking.

We have yard sale items to sell. How do we go about doing that?

See link to Becoming a Vendor

Do you have any indoor spots available to rent?

We rarely do but we suggest you stop in at the main office to inquire on a Thursday or Friday. If there is nothing available at that time we will ask you to fill out a card to place you on our waiting list. Once you are on a waiting list we will contact you whenever something opens up that meets your specifications.

Do you have ATM’s on the market grounds?

We have 2 ATM’s in the Green Dragon office. You can withdraw any amount in $20 increments up to $200.00 twice a day. The fee is $2.00 per transaction.

What is your pet policy? Are dogs allowed?

Pets are not allowed on our property unless they are certified service or guide animals. While this is Green Dragon’s policy, it should also be noted that it is a PA State Law that pets are not allowed inside buildings where food is prepared.

Do you provide wheelchairs or electric scooters?

We do not have electric scooters to rent but we do have wheelchairs available in the main office for you to borrow. We will make a copy of your drivers license and ask you to sign a waiver. There is no fee and you are welcome to use it as long as you want. Please return it to the office when you are finished.

Is the Market Handicap Accessible?

We have plenty of handicap parking spots throughout our property. All 7 of our main buildings are handicap accessible and the restrooms in building #1 and building #7 are as well.

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